Posted: April 4nd
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This is truly playoff hockey when rivals play in one gif. 
Carcillo got hit high and the refs missed it. Then he made an amazing play while on the ice and instead they called a hook. He was utterly pissed. He came out of the box, scored and did this. Such an awesome sequence of playoff hockey.

no shut the fuck up. he scores like one goal a fucking year. fuck off.
daisyoverboard: when are you and your band releasing new music usuqo

whenever we have time to go record haha.

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Anonymous: Your Tracking Time cover is really good but why do you look like you want to die

bitches man.

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playoff hockey is the only thing i care about.

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i’ll start using this more when my band records our ep.

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Posted: April 4th
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This is my most favorite picture, he sure was a loving father.
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Do I get the gold chariot? Do I float through the ceiling?

Jesus Christ / Brand New
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always writing.
Posted: April 4th
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"Our friend Kurt has been gone for twenty years.. He should be here." - Krist Novoselic, 2014.
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Anonymous: hey uhm we can be acne buddies and hate our faces together

__(\__ it’s a shark

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i don’t even know how to tumblr anymore.

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Anonymous: hope you didnt take that as an insult bc acne on guys is the best thing in the world lmao

i hate it ahaha.

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Anonymous: I hope ur happy that's all that matters.


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Anonymous: youre acnes so fucken hot wow

thanks i grew it myself.

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