i’ll start using this more when my band records our ep.

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Posted: April 4th
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This is my most favorite picture, he sure was a loving father.
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Do I get the gold chariot? Do I float through the ceiling?

Jesus Christ / Brand New
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always writing.
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"Our friend Kurt has been gone for twenty years.. He should be here." - Krist Novoselic, 2014.
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Anonymous: hey uhm we can be acne buddies and hate our faces together

__(\__ it’s a shark

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i don’t even know how to tumblr anymore.

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Anonymous: hope you didnt take that as an insult bc acne on guys is the best thing in the world lmao

i hate it ahaha.

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Anonymous: I hope ur happy that's all that matters.


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Anonymous: youre acnes so fucken hot wow

thanks i grew it myself.

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Posted: April 4th
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my girlfriend was giving me head and after i finished i said “thanks for killing my children”. i sure know how to set the mood.

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